Let’s talk about dragon’s blood!

Let’s talk about dragon’s blood!

No Dragons were harmed in the making of the magical celebrity favourite Rodial range!

Don’t we all dream of something a little ‘far, far away’ and something with a sprinkle of magic and dragons? Step up the magical Dragon’s Blood range from Rodial. Ok, it’s not exactly magical, but this exciting range from the innovative brand is aimed at us ladies who are in need of a little boost.

Let’s talk about dragon’s blood!

So, we bet you’re dying to know how Dragon’s Blood works? And what’s with the name? Dragons Blood is sourced from the red sap of the ‘sangre de drago’ tree (drago’ dragon, get it?) historically used for medicinal and healing purposes, and it’s all about giving you a second skin-look. In just three months trial volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity by 92%, and a reduction of 72% in skin-sagging – what a result! It’s also ideal for sensitive or stressed skin to plump out fine lines and protect from the elements while also hydrating the deepest layers of the skin.

Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Elle MacPherson, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the A-listers that swear by Rodial, the classic skincare range that the stars rely on to look their best. Let’s take a look at why they love it so much:

Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water – AED 195 Remove all traces of make-up and give skin a burst of freshness with dragon’s blood cleansing water, a gentle, hydrating and soothing cleansing water for the eyes and face. This non-sting, no rinse formula is infused with refreshing Rose Water to remove make-up and impurities, whilst Dragon’s Blood soothes sensitive and stressed skin. Vitamin B3 illuminates and evens skin tone for an instant burst of energy and an instantly brighter complexion.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic  – AED 225 The instant skin reviver! Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic is an innovative Hyaluronic formula that locks in moisture for 24 hours. Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic is packed with skin soothing Rose Water and Dragon’s Blood to comfort sensitive skin whilst protecting against external aggressions. This skincare essential is ideal for an instant energy boost, soothing in-flight refreshment or to set make-up. Vitamin B3 and Zinc instantly brighten for a refreshed and even complexion. Skin is deeply hydrated, firmer and pores appear more refined.

Dragon’s Blood Advanced XXL Sculpting Serum – AED 865 This triple potency dragon’s Blood Serum is to sculpt, define and re-densify the skins appearance with biomimetic TGF, red snow algae and Hema’Tîte™. It infuses the skin with intense doses of our unique dragon’s blood complex. Targeting to help improve the skin’s bounce and elasticity so facial contours appear re-defined with the look of wrinkles “plumped-up” smoothing the skin’s surface whilst maintaining optimum hydration levels from the deepest layers.

Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel –  AED 495 An innovative anti-aging formula that helps to volumise and define facial contours. Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel works by forming a unique second skin-like film around the face which effectively protects the skin against environmental aggressors and reduces redness and is ideal for sensitive and stressed skin. Collagen boosting ingredients like Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin help to firm whilst myrrh plumps the skin by increasing the fat storage in the skin to give an overall smoother, plumper and more youthful looking complexion with defined facial contours.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF 15 – AED 335 Protect and perfect skin with Dragon’s Blood Moisturiser SPF 15, a multi-function day moisturiser to plump and firm dehydrated skin for 24 hours. Hyaluronic Acid and Gransil provide long lasting moisture and tighten fine lines. Chromabright and Vitamin B3 even skin tone and illuminate for a brighter complexion whilst Dragon’s Blood soothes and protects sensitive skin.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream – AED 395 Dragon’s blood Hyaluronic Night Cream is an XXL hydrating plumping moisturiser. This overnight skin perfecting moisturiser works to target all the visible signs of aging while you sleep. Retinol penetrates deep into the skin to help plump and minimise the appearance of fine lines while hyaluronic acid reduces the look of wrinkles by the morning. Chromabright technology helps brighten the appearance of the skin and dragon’s blood soothes for a smoother looking, hydrated complexion by the morning!

Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel – AED 295 Target fine lines and dark circles in one with our instantly cooling Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel containing Rose Water, Arnica and Dragon’s Blood. Instantly brighter after application, the delicate eye area is restructured to thicken translucent skin and plump wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid comforts dehydrated skin and refines the skin’s surface for wide awake eyes.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask – AED 269 Drench your skin with moisture with this amazing plumping and soothing face mask. Hyaluronic Acid and tensors immediately plump fine lines and tighten wrinkles whilst providing comfort to dehydrated skin. It works to reduce redness with anti-oxidant benefits whilst Gransil smooth’s imperfections for a smoother and firmer complexion.

Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks – AED 269 A recent addition to the cult Dragon’s Blood range, these innovative eye masks combine the expertise in bio-cellulose technology with our unique dragon’s blood complex to intensely hydrate and moisturise the eye area. The dragons blood extract works as a second skin whilst soothing and repairing the skin cells. The Hyaluronic Acid works instantly to plump and hydrate, helping the eyes to appear firmer, plumper and younger! Arnica extract helps to reduce the look of under-eye puffiness and dark circles for an instant, brighter-eyed appearance. If your eyes are lacking life and starting to show signs of aging this eye mask is your solution!

Rodial products are available from Paris Gallery, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and House of Fraser. For more information please visit .

About Rodial

Rodial was founded in 1999 by Maria Hatzistefanis and was designed to bridge the gap in the market between scientific and more natural based skincare. The brand is now available in more than 2000 doors and 35 countries worldwide. Rodial is based in London and is now recognised as a leading global brand with a huge celebrity following. Rodial offers natural alternatives to injectables & plastic surgery procedures, delivering targeted treatments to specific skin concerns combining the best of anti-aging and firming ingredients. By combining Rodial’s laboratory’s scientific expertise and clinical testing with their unique knowledge of natural skin treatments, Rodial bring you the ultimate in skincare.

Let’s talk about dragon’s blood!Love,

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