Kick Your Way To Fitness with Rafat Shawe this October!

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Martial arts based fitness training and cardio kickboxing is one of the hottest fitness trends across the world in recent years.  Spurred on by the success of Billy Blanks and his Tae-Bo, as well as the unprecedented popularity of the UFC and champions Anderson Silva and more recently Ronda Rousey, martial arts-inspired workouts are motivating many people to get off the couch and into a fitness program.

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Dubai based professional MMA fighter and former international karate gold medalist Rafat Shawe is just one of the fantastic martial arts talent to be based in the Middle East and this October sees him launch his new kickboxing bootcamps in Dubai. Rafat’s kickboxing bootcamps blend boxing, martial arts and cardio kickboxing in a fantastic total body workout.

 Well-known as an excellent form of stress release, martial arts-inspired workouts also improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. The variety of movements used in kickboxing can sharpen reflexes and improve co-ordination and balance. Even better, most participants can expect to burn at least 600 calories during a typical cardio kickboxing class. Rafat’s new outdoor cardio kickboxing bootcamps kick off on Sunday 11th October.

The bootcamps will take place as follows:

• Sunday 7.00pm, Palm Park, Palm Jumeirah
• Tuesday 6.30am, Palm Park, Palm Jumeirah

Additional bootcamps at other locations in Dubai will be announced soon.  Each bootcamp costs AED 100 or AED 800 if you sign up for a package of 10. 

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