Get Kim Kardashian’s signature boxer braids with Color WOW!


Just days before she attempted to break the internet again, beauty trendsetter Kim Kardashian revealed the secret behind her perfectly braided hairstyle on her app. Using Color WOW’s Root Cover up, Kim’s hairstylist carefully created clean partings and consistency.

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The Root Cover Up is a professional mineral powder with a unique oil‐based, non‐waxy formula that stays in place, creates multi‐dimensional shine and looks completely natural. Each shade contains a number of colours and pigments to ensure natural blending with the tones in your own hair. Because of its extreme portability and ease of use, it’s ideal for travel and last minute, on‐the‐go fixes. And because it is free of dyes, the Root Cover Up is every pregnant woman’s solution to the dilemma of avoiding hair colour during pregnancy.

Color WOW’s Root Cover up comes in different shades and is available for AED 210 at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Sisters Beauty Lounge, House of Fraser, Beauty by Edge, Imar Spa, The White Room, Jam, Blo Dry Bar DXB, Sharjah Ladies Club and Marquee Salon. For more information please visit 

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