Book Review : Gingerbread Man by Lee Strauss!

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Today am reviewing a Science Fiction Mystery Romantic Suspense, titled Gingerbread Man by Lee Strauss. First let’s get to know the author a bit more :

Lee Strauss is the international bestselling author of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense Series (Mystery/Thriller), The Perception Series (young adult dystopian), and young adult historical fiction with over 775,000 books read. She also writes younger YA fantasy as Elle Strauss and inspirational romance as Hope Franke.

Book Summary

Book Review : Gingerbread Man by Lee Strauss!

When that cute chick you met online is murdered – but shows up for your next internet meeting anyway.

Marlow’s just a regular geeky college freshman with little to no experience with girls, so when he has a semi-flirtatious chat with a cute girl online, it’s almost more than his nerves can handle.

Then the girl is brutally murdered.

Or is she?

Marlow finds himself teamed up with intelligent and savvy Sage Farrell, a girl so far out of his league he feels blinded in her presence – literally – damned glasses! Together they work to find the identity of @gingerbreadman. Can they stop the killer before he strikes in more worlds than one?

My Review

We are introduced to Teagen, an introvert yet cute girl and Marlow, a geek, both students at Detroit University, who connect over internet and quickly become chat friends. They then try meeting up in person, which somehow doesn’t work, then they try sending pictures to each other which doesn’t get send and finally even video chat doesn’t work out. At first, the story was going on an OK pace and once these things started happening, along with some misunderstandings and such, I kind of started losing interest. I even felt it to be of a 3 star quality. But then things started happening, at a quicker pace and were explained. Alternate worlds, parallel universe, time travel – that’s what’s happening in this book (not really a spoiler).

It quickly got more interesting when Teagen is murdered in one world but is still living in another world. Seems like there are each of a person in each realm. It’s really interesting. Everything that the author writes, even though it seems of no importance at the time, all falls into place like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Marlow comes to the rescue of the still living, but missing, Teagen, along with the help of Sage, Teagen’s best friend and room mate. Sage is absolutely gorgeous while Marlow is a geek with no real girlfriend. The moments they share are really cute. Marlow is so modest while Sage knows he is definitely not her type. But still, there are sweet, chaste moments between them.

There are some amazing twists that you never would have even thought of but the mystery of who the rapist/murderer is is solved in a rather intriguing way. This investigation also turns out to be a journey (pun intended) of self discovery for Marlow, as he travels from realm to realm.

Such a freaking fantastic read!. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars which by Goodreads standards means that I ‘really liked’ it.

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