Short Story #2 – Naina!

Naina lay awake in her bed. It was 4.30 AM.She was not in the least sleepy. How could she sleep on a day like this one?. She slowly moved herself on her bed so that now she was facing the window. She opened the curtain slightly and saw that the glorious sun was just rising, for a new day, to lighten up one more day in the lives of the mankind. The light slowly streaked into her room, as it tentatively left it’s place behind the thick clouds. For a moment, she felt that the sun was playing hide and seek with her. It brought a smile onto her beautiful face. Naina was gorgeous. She was a doe-eyed beauty, dark and had a disarming smile. Her black hair, flowing over her shoulders, had a strange charming effect. Yet, one problem prevailed…

She watched the sun rise and reach it’s apex. Soon, her room was flooded with light. She could now hear the chirping of birds. She soon saw men busy with work, rushing around doing their duties. Ofcourse, it was a busy day. It was her wedding day. Her mother came in, kissed her on her forehead and asked her whether she had had a sound sleep. She just smiled, but her mother knew that she hadn’t had even a wink of sleep. Mother told her to come for breakfast and then left the room. Naina went and brushed her teeth.

She then walked over to her dining room. The dining table seemed to be sparkle as there was such a lot of silver wares placed on it. She sat on a chair with exquisite golden work on it. She drank the hot soup kept in front of her in a beautiful bowl which had birds carved onto it’s sides, with a silver outline. Soon, the swamp of guests and the torrent of their greetings and wishes followed.

The time was nearing. She dressed in a maroon ‘laacha’ exclusively ordered and made for her. It had elaborate work on it. Golden threads were woven intricately into the maroon material and the resulting alluring combination was something that could take anyone’s breath away. The ‘dupatta’ was so heavy with sequences and other shiny stuff, that Naina had some trouble wearing it. Her hair was tied high up above her head and the way it danced around her shoulders, was quite fantastic to see. Her smooth hands were laden with bangles, having a large variety of sophisticated designs on it. Necklaces and chains of all lengths adorned her neck. So many were around her to help her dress up. There were many small girls who looked up at her, wondering how they could ever become as pretty as Naina.

Soon he came. She glanced at him briefly. Rachit was so handsome that he seemed to have features that were carved by angels. When he smiled, a deep dimple appeared occasionally on his left cheek. He was well-built and very strong. Yet, there was a softness that surrounded him. But, of all that he had, it was his kind heart that she loved and admired. When she entered onto the stage, where the wedding was to occur, she saw how Rachit’s eyes lit up on seeing her. She couldn’t help smiling and he reciprocated her smile. Soon the wedding took place, amidst hundreds who showered their blessings on that couple, with a tune of Shahnai playing in the background. Later people dispersed and by the each of the day, Naina was totally exhausted.

When she entered into her new room with Rachit, she saw that it had been decorated with jasmine flowers and orchids were set in beautiful vases near the bed. Paintings of water falls, green fields and blue skies adorned the walls. The last streaks of the pale sunset lit up the room for one last time and then darkness came over the sky. As she sat on the bed, Rachit slowly took her hands in his strong ones. Looking into his eyes, she knew that he was the best person she could ever have and that he would support her till she drew her last breath.

He had loved her and been ready to accept her even though he knew that he could never hear her calling out his name or even speak anything. She could only communicate using sign language. But he didn’t care. For him, if their hearts understood each other, then life was going to be a song, a beautiful one, a melodious one…


Naina is a name that I like a lot. So I named the protagonist that. This is a thought that just came to my mind one day, how people love each other overlooking shortcomings / disabilities. Hope you liked reading it.

Disclosure : This is the sole intellectual property of Naznin Azeez and should not be copied.

Short Story #2 – Naina!Love,

Naz ♥