Poem #1 : Sheikh Zayed!

He was our beloved president
And never there was a better precedent
He had a colossal love for the humankind
This attribute made him one of a kind
His admirable stability and leadership
Stimulated his subjects’ friendship
He was no doubt the best of all
He kept everyone from any pitfall
His helping hands were always extended
Towards the poor and even those who pretended
He loved all people equally
And performed his duties so sequentially
Never there was a more organized man
He exhibited such ability as no one can
His love for the young was seen in all his action
Towards ALLAH and his duties he had such devotion
According to him nothing was based on money
He always propagated harmony
He encouraged in his city
Character and morality
I would like to pay my reverence
To him, who was always the people’s preference
Nothing will compensate for this loss
But we cannot do anything because
We know this was his fate
We can do nothing other than having faith
In GOD the Almighty and merciful
And pray to HIM to bring one as merciful As Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan


Just like everyone else, I was totally shocked hearing about His Highness Sheikh Zayed’s death, 12 years ago. He was such a wonderful & kind person. I wrote this poem and sent it over to Khaleej Times newspaper. They published it couple of weeks later..

Disclosure : This is the sole intellectual property of Naznin Azeez and should not be copied.

Poem #1 : Sheikh Zayed!Love,

Naz ♥