Black Friday Shopping Deals that you shouldn’t miss!

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Hey guys,

Black Friday is probably the busiest shopping day of the year, officially marking the start of the Christmas Shopping Season. My absolute favorite online shopping site, iHerb is offering such amazing discounts and coupon codes, that I had to share it with you lovely people ♥

Two discount codes


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(Click the image to automatically apply the code to your cart)

If you are already an existing customer of iHerb or you are a newbie, you will receive 10% off your order above the value of $40, by using this code. This code will expire on Nov 30th (at 9.00 PM, UAE time) & is not applicable on products that are already heavily discounted, such as the Brands of the Week offer.


If you are new to iHerb, using this code will give you 10% off, irrespective of the value of the bill total. This code will never expire. The best part is that this code can be combined with the Black Friday week discount code, which means that a newbie customer will get upto 20% off their bill!

Other discounts happening this week

(Click any of the images to take you to that page)

Brands of the Week (20% off selected brands)

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Sports Special (15% off selected brands)

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Skincare Special (15% off selected Natural & organic brands)

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Coconut Special (15% off selected brands that has coconut as one of the ingredients in their products)

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Just in case you are looking for some gifting ideas, click the image below to see some gift sets put together by iHerb

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Happy Shopping & if you need advice on what products to try or if you are looking for a specific product and want suggestions etc, just comment below ♥. Just a reminder that iHerb is a US based site that ships worldwide. They ship to UAE in 3 – 4 days via DHL for as low as $8.

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