Six female celebrities with unique hobbies!

Six female celebrities with unique hobbies!

Every individual has a hobby that is either outspokenly known or discreetly kept in the pocket. Some people have a knack for creating art, playing a musical instrument, collecting aged keepsakes, or participating in sports. Hobbies are things often done in one’s free time; these are interests that bring forth sheer joy.

It may not look like it, but celebrities also attend to creative pursuits outside their regular occupation despite the strenuous schedule. Many of these famed personalities are just like everyone else. However, a few stand out more than others do. Have a look at which female celebrities have hobbies that go beyond the ordinary.

Eva Longoria: Shooting

Even today, when stereotypically feminine activities are persistently questioned and challenged, some people are still hesitant about the image of a woman with a gun. Most will shrug off this trace of gender normativity and continue to boldly claim their love for shooting.

In a 2006 interview by the Chicago Tribune, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria recalled her childhood growing up with guns. She noted that the experience helped her prepare for her role in The Sentinel movie. Longoria revealed that she loves shooting guns, a hobby of hers that makes her feel she is on vacation.

Want to try your hand at this? If you wish to get into this hobby, there are a lot of firing ranges where you can try shooting. With enough practice, you can already buy your own gear, such as handguards and front grips.

Paris Hilton: Herping

She is often associated with all things most girls do not have. Paris Hilton, as portrayed in media, is a breath of pink, with diamond-encrusted accessories and golden locks swinging back and forth to the tempo of her stilettos.

While the public may view her as a person whose heart is reserved only for dogs, she also secretly loves catching amphibians and reptiles, specifically, frogs. Recognized for being an animal activist, Hilton previously clarified her approach for capturing these little cold-blooded animals around her ranch, which she said is completely humane. She always makes sure to release them back into the wild after getting hold of these creatures.

Want to try your hand at this? While it is endearing to know about this side of Hilton, we do not recommend adopting this hobby. Perhaps, the better option is to volunteer at animal centers and shelters if you have a soft spot for big and small creatures.

Julia Roberts: Knitting

American actress Julia Roberts has the ideal hobby for passing slow hours on a movie set: knitting all possible forms, whether a beanie, a coaster, or even a scarf. Roberts is such a devoted knitter that she has even encouraged some of her fellow actors, like August: Osage County costar Julianne Nicholson, to take up knitting. Nicholson reveals that Roberts inspired her so much she was able to complete a sweater she had put down years before her convincing to try knitting again.

Want to try your hand at this? Unlike the rest listed here, trying this hobby is as easy as a snap of the fingers. Well, it is easy to get the self a crochet hook and a bundle of yarn. As for the process itself, it certainly takes getting used to.

Mila Kunis: Video Gaming

This may already be a giveaway, but Mila Kunis has always clung on to video games, which seems pretty common to pick up. However, she once exposed that her love for video games has led her to a full-scale obsession for the multiplayer-online-playing game World of Warcraft.

The American star also admits that her fans know her tendency to stay up late at night to level up all her characters, unbridling her inner nerd for long hours. While she tries to convince her friends to play with her, she says she doesn’t need to look far since the online world has thousands of players more than glad to join her.

Want to try your hand at this? Those who plan on playing World of Warcraft will likely see a world filled with one-handed swords, guns, and pole arms, among others. Knowing the uses of each weapon is important to survive in the game, so make sure to learn about every weapon available.

Azealia Banks: Witchcrafting

Again, most hobbies do not end up in the average pile; some reach an entirely different level. This is where Azealia Banks comes in. Even though she is already known for wandering a little beyond the ordinary, what she does in her free time is still shocking.

In 2016, the American rapper posted a video of her preparing the area where she performs witchcraft and sacrifices animals. The video was taken down later since the footage showed the way she cleaned a small room full of dried blood, feathers, and what were perhaps the remains of two dead chickens. Banks says that she faithfully observes brujeria, a Spanish word that means “witchcraft.”

Want to try your hand at this? Instead of sacrificing actual animals, people who want to experience Banks’s hobby can instead learn how to recite different kinds of adjurations, incantations, and other spells.

Angelina Jolie: Knife Handling

People are familiar with the Academy Award–winning actress’s knife skills in her films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Tomb Raider, and Wanted. Her ability to handle this sharp tool does not stop here, as her love for knives has always been apparent when she was eleven or twelve years old.

Her younger version used to collect all kinds of knives, because it allowed her to dive deeper into history and tradition. Although the size of her collection is unspecified, this fact alone is impressive enough.

Want to try your hand at this? Individuals who are considering this hobby may find it intimidating at first, so it’s crucial to have the proper gear when throwing knives and such.


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